“Collect moments, not things” 

Christine Robin Photography

Owner, Photographer Christy Usher

At Christine Robin Photography we take pride in making each photo session a custom one-of-a-kind experience for each-and-every family.   Our specialty is creating original sets using classic, timeless, props, and backdrops of your choosing.  We offer extensive pre-portrait planning to ensure you are satisfied with your photo session.  Our pre consultation process and communication will ensure we capture the portraits you have been dreaming of.

At the Christine Robin Photography studio we have an extensive inventory of props, wardrobes, and backdrops for you to choose from.  While we offer a large variety of the session types to suit your family’s needs we also offer custom designed sets tailored to your unique taste and interests.  Our studio has direct and easy access to stunning coastal locations for outdoor portrait sessions.

Photographs are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. At Christine Robin Photography we feel strongly that despite the imperfections we may each see in ourselves, we have to exist in photographs for our loved ones. Last year my husband and I vacationed in the gorgeous Greek Island of Santorini.  We were fortunate to have a professional photoshoot of our own during that trip. It was a wonderful feeling to know when we returned from that holiday that we had captured the magic in portraits. Each time I pass by those framed portraits of my husband and I on the walls of our home I am transported back to that magical vacation.  I made sure to print and frame those priceless portraits of my husband and I because I cherish what they represent and because digital images are fleeting.

An image can be made from a print, but a print can not be made from a corrupt file. Prints are priceless. At Christine Robin Photography we encourage and assist you in printing and preserving your photos for framing, so that your family will enjoy them for decades rather than store them on a compact disc or USB in your desk drawer.

“Capturing Souls not Smiles”  

The Christine Robin Photography Studio

The Christine Robin Photography portrait studio is located in a small Northern California coastal community called Half Moon Bay.   The portrait studio is located at the Half Moon Bay Harbor, also known as Pillar Point Harbor and Princeton-by-the-Sea.  Located directly off the Pacific Coast Highway, Half Moon Bay is nestled between breathtaking coastline and endless acres of protected open space.

Our 775 square foot portrait studio is located at the “Shoppes at Harbor Village” which is a quaint cluster of small unique service providing businesses and restaurants adjacent to the Oceano Hotel and Spa.The legendary Mavericks surf contest is held annually not far from the harbor entrance.  What better excuse to take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway than to come visit us at our studio! There is ample free parking by our studio which is located at 270 Capistrano Road, Suite 20, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.

Professional Grade Gear

Only the best technology and equipment will do when it comes to you and your family.  At Christine Robin Photography we use the Nikon D800 Digital SLR camera to capture your most precious moments with extremely low noise, incredible dynamic range and the most faithful colors. This 36.3 megapixel professional grade camera offers the highest quality, superior performance, speed, handling and a fully integrated imaging system. The Nikon D800 digital camera is paired at our studio with the AF-S Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8. A professional grade lens that enhances sharpness and contrast, and enables ultra high-speed auto focusing with pinpoint accuracy. Praised for its overall image quality, this is a long-time favorite lens of passionate professionals. This lens provides both fine resolution and natural representation for the best possible image quality for our clients.